Norcal Growth Partners is a full range business consultancy with access to a team of senior executives with a passion for organizational growth and a track record of unparalleled success across numerous industries.  Each brings to the table a unique and proven ability to build successful businesses and transform challenged organizations into highly effective ones.

Paul K. Sidorenko - Paul has spent his career at the forefront of networking, cloud security, predictive analytics and cloud-based web technologies. He has successfully managed the formation, funding and growth of several technology companies from startups to S&P 500 companies. As a senior executive at BroadVision, AllianceVista, ClearPath Networks and Mako Networks, he has been instrumental in developing and executing corporate strategy including business development, alliances, marketing and sales operations with technology, sales and channel partners across many industries.  His breadth of experience provides the essential “global view” that is key to any successful corporate growth strategy.  He is licensed to practice law in New York, California and Connecticut.

James L. Jaffe - James specializes in regulatory negotiations and complex commercial transactions.  Over an expansive and diverse career, he has counseled governments, private industry and individuals on business, regulatory and legal matters ranging from international trade agreements, environmental and government policy to overall corporate strategy.  He was a founding member and Senior Partner at Jaffe, Martini & Blum, a prominent San Francisco-based law firm and served in key roles at the Internal Revenue Service and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Merrill Haber - Merrill is an experienced business and financial analyst, lawyer and mediator specializing in strategic planning, business management, financial analysis and dispute resolution.  He has held senior level management and General Counsel positions at Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and understands the needs and objectives of growing businesses.  His breadth of experience spans a number of technology and consumer product industries.

Scott Klimo, CFA, Portfolio Advisor - Scott is currently the Director of Research at Saturna Capital Corporation and Deputy Portfolio Manager of Amana Funds.  He is an accomplished financial industry professional combining 20 years of experience in qualitative investment management and equity analysis: sell & buy-side analysis, research leadership, portfolio management, business development and senior operations in domestic and global environments.  He manages mission critical model development and research within domestic and global capital markets with a proven track record in exceeding industry benchmarks.


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